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Open Packed Spinal Manipulation (Online Course)

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Dive into the captivating world of spinal manipulation with our comprehensive online course. Discover the art and science behind Open Packed Spinal Manipulations (OPSM) as we unravel considerations for diverse patient populations, from arthritis to pregnancy, ensuring precision and safety in every maneuver. Explore cervical marvels, uncovering the mysteries of chronic neck pain and cervicogenic headaches, while delving into the kinematics of spinal manipulations, from cervical to lumbar, highlighting the crucial role of symmetry for pain-free outcomes. Grasp the physiological marvels triggered by manipulation, from hormone releases to cortisol levels, and decode the complexities of thoracic pain diagnosis, lumbar instability, and the multifidus muscle's pivotal role in chronic low back pain. Engage in interactive learning experiences, vibrant video lectures, and a supportive community, accelerating your journey to becoming a leader in the dynamic field of physical therapy. Elevate your skills, enhance patient care, and unlock the mastery of spinal manipulation techniques that redefine excellence in practice.

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