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Demystifying The Pelvis:

Evidence-Based Treatment of the Sacroiliac Joint

Course Recap

Featuring Jerry Hesch DPT, MHS, PT

Saturday & Sunday, February 22- 23, 2020

New York, NY

About the Course..

Simple intervention can be very effective. This course teaches manual therapy skills that are readily accessible and immediately applicable. Clinicians consistently report confidence in the clinical application of this evaluation and treatment paradigm. Treatment using gentle, low-load, long-duration input goes beyond brief elastic deformation into long lasting (plastic) reorganization of dense connective tissue. This facilitates efficient neuromotor reprogramming. Several independent studies and research thesis demonstrated that brief Hesch Method treatment results in significant pain relief and increased SLR. Multiple studies showed poor to fair inter-tester reliability. This approach is very efficient and by the third visit the pattern resolution is stable and is easily maintained such that focus can then be directed on overall rehabilitation with much greater efficiency. 

Who attended? Physical Therapist, Physical Therapists Assistants, Athletic Trainers.