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Professional Seminars’ Experts Educate Over 100 Attendees at Its 6th Annual Student Symposium

Physical and Occupational Therapy Experts Deliver First-Hand Knowledge and Experiences to Aspiring Therapists

Professional Seminars 6th Annual Student Symposium

Professional Seminars’ Student Symposium continues its success, having recently completed its 6th annual course. For the first time ever, two courses were held in March, to accommodate the needs of the large population of students in the Northeast.

The March 10th Symposium was held at Professional’s Professional Athletic Performance Center, located at 645 Stewart Avenue in Garden City, New York, where the past five symposiums have been held. The second Symposium was held on March 24th at Professional’s Morristown, New Jersey, clinic, located at 21 Headquarters Plaza. Both symposiums were free of charge to students.

6th Annual Student Symposium - Morristown, NJ

A total of 115 students attended the 6th annual symposiums and represented over 30 different colleges and universities, including Boston University, Mercy College, New York Institute of Technology, Rutgers University, Stony Brook University and Suffolk County Community College. Attendees consisted of students studying within a variety of fields, including Physical Therapy (PT), Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA), Occupational Therapy (OT), and Athletic Training (AT).

Student Symposium Panel of Speakers

Physical and Occupational Therapy experts led the forums, educating students on current clinical concepts, as well as hands-on and manual treatment techniques. These techniques can be utilized during clinical affiliations, and in a post-graduate professional setting.

This year, discussions included an array of topics, such as the healing continuum, and the functional progressions for lower extremities, upper extremities, and core. With that, an introduction to Hand Therapy was also presented, as well as an introduction to Medical Exercise Therapy, a technique that uses graded exercises to advance patient movement during rehabilitation.

Students interacted with industry experts

With that, the symposiums also offered students the opportunity to network with industry experts and leaders.

“I liked how easily approachable all the speakers were, regarding questions or concerns that students had,” said 2018 Student Symposium attendee Cassie D. “I also liked the information we received on furthering our education and getting to know our patients. I found the presentations to be interesting, and the speakers were outgoing and confident in what they were presenting.”

With that, Matthew C., another 2018 Student Symposium attendee said that he enjoyed how instructors were knowledgeable and passionate about their practice. He added that instructors were enthusiastic on teaching “us what they have learned to make us better therapists.”

Robert Panariello, Professional's Chief Clinical Officer

“The program was designed as a way to give back to the healthcare community,” said Rob Panariello, Professional's Chief Clinical Officer. “We’re proud that our passion and commitment to professional development and clinical excellence has extended from our clinicians to future healthcare professionals.”

The Student Symposium was created by Professional’s Clinical Affiliation Program in conjunction with Professional Seminars in 2013, as a way to provide students with the opportunity to learn from experts in the field as well as network with their peers. Professional plans to expand the symposium further into New England in 2019.

For additional information about Professional Seminars, and to register for future courses, visit

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