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Restoring Functional Movement of the CORE

Multiple Dates

New York, NY

The goal of this course is to reexamine the core in a more expanded role as it relates to the upper and lower extremities, and creates the foundation for kinetic linking. The creation of optimal movement relies on the ability of the core to efficiently create and transfer energy through the body to the extremities. Failure of the core to provide sufficient proximal stability will result in dysfunction and pain that can occur anywhere in the body. 




Restoring Functional Movement of the Upper Extremity

November 14, 2020

New York, NY

This course provides a unique view into common movement patterns of the upper extremity that are an integral part of both everyday and sport activity. These movement patterns are evident across all populations regardless of age and ability. Often patients develop dysfunction and compensatory patterns that alter these basic movements, particularly in the overhead ranges of motion. This course will teach how to properly assess upper quarter dysfunction through static and active postural assessment, including the influence of breath and breathing patterns. 



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