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Professional Seminars now offers online courses!

We are excited to announce that we are partnering with an online-hosting platform in order to offer online courses to our customers. Through our partnership with we will be able to expand the number of available courses. Our customers will enjoy the convenience of being able to take courses at their own pace and whenever they have some free time. This is great for busy clinicians that do not have the time and resources to get to a Live continuing education course.

We want to make sure to provide a low cost alternative to attending a live course for those that may be on a fixed budget, but still want to further their clinical skills.

We already have our first two courses available, with our "Rehabilitation Following Pectoralis Major Repair" course, featuring Timothy J Stump, MS, PT, CSCS, USAW as well as our popular "Athletic Performance Summit featuring the Strength and Conditioning Legends" course. We are currently working with our new partner, in order to offer some more options going forward.

Affiliate Online Courses

We've also partnered with some of our instructors to offer their own Online/Digital course offerings at a special discount price for our customers. One of our first affiliate course offerings is the "Introduction to Blood Flow Restriction Training" course. Available through our partnership with The BFR Pros taught by physical therapist Nicholas Rolnick, DPT, CSCS. More affiliate online courses coming soon!

Check out our Schedule page for our current list of available digital courses.


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