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Technique Peek Video - How to Instruct an Athlete on How to Self-Reduce A Shoulder Dislocation

This week’s Technique Peek video features Angelo Marsella, MA, ATC, USAW demonstrating how to instruct an athlete with a shoulder dislocation how to self-reduce the dislocation by using a hands off approach.

Angelo Marsella, MA, ATC, USAW
Director of Sports Medicine at Professional Physical Therapy

Angelo Marsella MA, ATC, USAW is the Director of Sports Medicine at Professional. Angelo is a BOC certified and NYS licensed Athletic Trainer and USAW Certified Weightlifting Coach. He graduated Cum Laude from Hofstra University where he received his degree in Athletic Training. He received his Masters Degree in Applied Psychology from Fairfield University where he also worked as a Graduate Assistant Athletic Trainer.

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