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Restoring Functional Movement of the CORE: From Isolation to Integration

Featuring Jennifer Camhi PT, DPT, OCS, ATC

The goal of this course is to reexamine the core in a more expanded role as it relates to the upper and lower extremities, and creates the foundation for kinetic linking. The creation of optimal movement relies on the ability of the core to efficiently create and transfer energy through the body to the extremities. Failure of the core to provide sufficient proximal stability will result in dysfunction and pain that can occur anywhere in the body. For these reasons, clinicians must be able to assess and treat the trunk in a way that is congruent with the movement demands from every day life to sport and athletic activities. The focus of this course is to go beyond traditional assessment and treatment strategies that emphasize isolation of the abdominal wall. Assessment and corrective strategies will highlight the importance of static and active posture, breath and breathing patterns, resting patterns, and optimizing functional movement patterns.

This course will provide an interactive learning atmosphere utilizing didactic lecture, with a predominant focus on lab demonstration and active participation. Clinicians, with either limited or advanced experience with movement patterns, will be able to effectively customize and integrate the evidence-based best practices gained from this course to meet the needs of a wide variety of patients in their clinical practice.


*This course is designed to provide a foundation of skills and information that are beneficial to have prior to enrolling in the Restoring Functional Movement of the Upper and Lower Extremity courses. Several concepts from this CORE course are referenced and reviewed in the extremity courses. Therefore it is highly recommended that participants complete this course prior to enrolling in the extremities courses.


Who should attend? Physical Therapist, Physical Therapists Assistants, Athletic Trainers, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS)


Upon successful completion of this course, the practitioner will learn how to:


  • Explore and redefine the role of the core as it relates to integrated, functional movement patterns seen in all aspects of life and athletics.

  • Explore and redefine the role and relationship of the core with the upper and lower extremities through anatomical connections and kinetic linking.

  • Understand that successful core activation is directly dependent upon the optimal starting static posture of the body. 

  • Discuss the relationship between breath and breathing patterns and their influence on posture and quality of movement. 

  • Identify commonly seen compensatory movement patterns as breakdowns in kinetic linking and expressed dysfunctions in the core and extremities.

  • Discuss and learn functional assessment techniques that will compliment all styles of evaluation and yield greater information related to the occurrence of pain and injury. 

  • Discuss and learn effective corrective strategies that can be easily tailored and integrated to meet the needs of the patient and the goals of the clinician.

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New York Physical Therapists and Physical Therapist Assistants: Professional Seminars is recognized as an approved provider of Physical Therapist and Physical Therapist Assistant continuing education by the New York State Education Department’s State Board for Physical Therapy. Full attendance at this Seminar qualifies for 9.0 contact hours in NY. (7.5 Contact hours pending in NJ.)


Athletic Trainers: Professional Seminars is recognized by the Board of Certification, Inc. to offer continuing education for the BOC-certified Athletic Trainers. This program has been approved for a maximum of 7.5 units of Category A continuing education.


Strength & Conditioning Specialist/Personal Trainers: Professional Seminars is recognized by the National Strength & Conditioning Association to offer continuing education for the NSCA’s CSCS’s and CPT’s. 



8:00-9:00   Lecture 1: CORE Introduction (Lecture)

                        - Functional Movement: the why, how, and who of movement

                        - Functional Foundations: the dynamic core, kinetic linking, movement dissociation, defining restoration


                      Lecture 2: The Fundamental Relationship Between Posture & Breath (Lecture)

                        - Building Better Posture: restoring functional posture
                        - Anatomical Foundation: the anatomy of posture
                        - Breathe, Move, Rest: returning to primal beginnings


9:00-10:00     Lab 1 - Breathing & Resting Posture (Lab)    


10:00-10:15   BREAK

10:15-11:00    CORE Assessment (Lecture)

                        - Assessing Function: traditional vs. integrative assessment, lumbo-pelvic stability

                        - Lab 2: preview & rationale, live-lab demo

                            1) Static Postural Assessment

                            2) Core Activation

                            3) Glute Bridge March

                            4) Standing O/H UE Flexion

                            5) Standing Hip Dissociation

                            6) Standing SL Weight Shift


11:00-12:15   Lab 2 - CORE Assessment (Lab)            


12:15-1:15     LUNCH


1:15-2:00       CORE Interventional Strategies (Lecture)

                       - Movement-Based Treatment Concepts: basic treatment principles, joint mobility, tissue extensibility, the sensorimotor                                    system, injury predisposition & prediction
                       - Turning Assessment Into Movement: applying assessment & training movement
                       - Lab 3: preview & rationale


2:00-4:00       Lab 3 - CORE Training (Lab) **15’ BREAK DURING LAB

                             1) Activation

                             2) Anti-Rotation Training

                             3) Rotational Training

                             4) Trunk Flexion Training

                             5) Trunk Extension Training

                             6) Dynamic Training                       


4:00-5:00       PUTTING FUNCTION FIRST (Lecture)

                        - Movement’s Past, Present, & Future: looking back to move forward
                        - CORE Case Study: an example of the integrated system
                        - In Summary: an ode to movement
                        - questions / evaluations





Any opinions, findings, recommendations, or conclusions expressed by the speaker(s) do not necessarily reflect the views of Professional Seminars. Professional Seminars reserves the right to substitute a qualified instructor due to unforeseen circumstances. Registrants will not receive a certificate until payment has been received and the course has been successfully completed. If payment is not received ten (10) days prior to the seminar, the course certificate may not be present at the seminar. If a payment is refunded for insufficient funds, a processing fee wil be charged as allowed by law.



Jennifer Camhi PT, DPT, OCS, ATC


Jennifer received her Doctor of Physical Therapy degree in 2005 from A.T. Still University in Mesa, Arizona. She joined Athletes’ Performance (now rebranded as Exos) in January of 2006. In 2008 she became the Head of Physical Therapy Education, and Manager of Physical Therapy at their flagship location in Phoenix. Jennifer is a Board Certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist, a Functional Movement Screen Certified Specialist, and is certified in Dry Needling for both Pain and Sports Trauma. While at Athletes’ Performance, she had the opportunity to work with top professional and elite-level athletes evaluating dysfunctional movement patterns and focusing on corrective exercises for return to sport activity. Jennifer has lectured in a variety of settings and at national conferences on the topics of functional movement, rehabilitation and return to sports specific activity, both nationally and internationally. Originally from Newport Beach, California, Jennifer completed her undergraduate studies at Oregon State University with a BS in Exercise Science and Athletic Training. She still maintains her athletic training certification in addition to her other credentials.


Cancellations received at least five (5) business days before the event are refundable, less a $50.00 administrative charge per registrant. There will be no refund for cancellations received later. Please note: If you register and do not attend, you are still responsible for full payment. The expense of continuing education, when taken to maintain and improve professional skills, may be tax deductible. Please contact your accountant for complete details. For courses cancelled by Professional Seminars Ltd. participants have the option to attend a rescheduled date or receive a full refund of the registration cost. 


Email: Phone: (631) 359-2450  Fax: (631) 359-2450


$349 Standard Single Registration 

$299 Early Bird Registration 

$159 Student Single Registration

$99   Student Early Bird Registration

Registration Includes: Course handouts and Continental Breakfast.

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